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Where This Company is Going. We can all make a difference.

Postby Williamhawk » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:19 pm

Blizzard doesn't care about the quality of games anymore, they know all they need to make money is to add a simple patch every now and then and just cruise on through. We don't get any events anymore like the opening of the Gates of An'Quirai, or any of the world events. Not to mention the expansion Mists of Pandaria? I understand Pandas are part of lore but they could have seriously came up with something better like the Return of Sargeras or the Emerald Dream. GM's allow griefing towards other players in arena in the game and they don't do anything about it, they say it's not against the rules, and they let it go, but since when is running around an arena as a healer with a mount avoiding all ranged attacks just to make the match go to a draw after you kill their partner? Is this not trying to make the other player irritated? The community is ruining this game and Blizzard is not doing anything to stop it, they are just worried about money. As long as they get their quota each month, they will keep pulling the same garbage. The only way for us to stop this is to let Blizzard know we want them to make the game better, and to care more. We have to stand up for what's right. Reply to this forum what you think about the game status and if Blizzard should change things up.

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