Visualization - A Powerful Link to Success

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Visualization - A Powerful Link to Success

Postby reginafancy » Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:12 am

You need to set clear and written goals. Zen12 Review Clear and concise goals are critical to achieve any type of success. You have to define what you are looking to achieve before you can achieve it. This makes so much sense, but most people today do not set goals or write them down.

Once your goals are clear and defined, to achieve each goal will require a task last. What are the tasks required to achieve each goal? To accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently, you need to set priorities. Review the tasks and separate them into A, B, and C priorities. "A" priority are extremely important to achieving your goals and achieving long-term success. "B" priority items may be critical but are not as important as "A" items. "C" priority items would be great to accomplish if there is time. Start with A, then B, then C. DO NOT work on C items because they are easy. You can do this!

A great businessperson is positive and optimistic. I think the two quotes below are so appropriate:"Take a 30-second vacation. Go within and focus on the positive, thereby creating an attitude built on strength, courage, and infinite possibilities."
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