Stem files/media files location issue!

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Stem files/media files location issue!

Postby kevinmanuel » Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:11 am


Okay, the ultimate has ensued. Regarding my last post of Studio One difficulties, someone suggested that I was recording some bits to one drive and other bits to another drive in the same session and that's why I was getting errors. Well, what I did was amalgamate all media files into the one, definitive song folder. Now there's over 12,000 scraps of music from every session I've done since 2013. All of them aptly named "Bass (03)", "Bass (1071)", "VOX (41)" etc.. Studio One is not able to decipher which parts go where, so all I'm left with is every session I've done where Studio One is spewing bits and pieces of every other session at the same time in one chaotic mess of arbitrary sessions. How does one sift through over 12,000 sound clips to realise what goes where!? Is it possible to go through that much media?? I'm tempted to pack it in at this point and throw everything out the window. And yes, I'm aware the average person would have (shrewdly) made sure all stems and everything associated with a particular session is named, organised and kept in that session folder, but I mainly record my own stuff so I was just using previous sessions as templates by saving as, meaning all media associated with those sessions will be saved in one big media folder, unnamed, and it hadn't been an issue since 2013, only until I merged the other media folders it had split recording sessions to.. --! Help me!

Please help.

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Re: Stem files/media files location issue!

Postby Anne-Noëlle » Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:59 am

This forum is all about the software Studio-Scrap.
Sorry we cannot help you with your question.
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