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Note on “Willamhawk questions”

I was sorry not to have answered more rapidly to Willam’s questions, although most of them did not concern Scrap booking ; I had a check on the 3 which did, and all of them included a link to a forum, with questions dated 2005 for one of them ; the others were signed by other persons, and related to “paper” scrap booking… so my regrets vanished.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about digi ...

different thought on Mists overall design "change".

And, so I'm going to toss this idea out now. Now, it's just a theory up for DEBATE... so please keep it civil. This observation is not designed to start any flame-wars, just to open up a door of possibility.
For a while now, I've been saying/believing that Diablo 3 will canibalize WoW subs more than ToR, Rift and GW2 will ever do. As of right now, there's almost NO gameplay difference between WoW and ...

So I just bought a steelseries headset and I'm confused to n

I get the thing, plug it in, and instantly I'm hearing what the microphone is recording through my headphones. Is this really how its supposed to be? Constant white noise blasting in your ear?
If anyone has had a similar problem, or knows how to fix it, please let me know. I do NOT have the "listen to yourself" option turned on in the playback devices option in windows.

I didn't find the right solution ...

Where This Company is Going. We can all make a difference.

Blizzard doesn't care about the quality of games anymore, they know all they need to make money is to add a simple patch every now and then and just cruise on through. We don't get any events anymore like the opening of the Gates of An'Quirai, or any of the world events. Not to mention the expansion Mists of Pandaria? I understand Pandas are part of lore but they could have seriously came up with ...

Alternative for Squishing or Mega Damage?

The basis of all the jumps etc. is character-progression. So if we start thinking from here to solve the issue of the big numbers, we could come up with some creative ideas.We don't want the numbers to decrease but we agree with the issue they may cause.So what do you guys think of the following:
Take a certain amount of levels, like 10 for example.
Have the numbers on gear increase till that 10th level. ...

recovery disk so all software installed at once?

Is there a way to make a recovery disk or hard drive, so that if I need to completely reformat my computer, all my software (meaning different programs I personally use, not just what comes with the package) can be reinstalled with one click, instead of one by one?

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References: ... d-at-once/

best motion graphics video

Having to Pay to Upgrade to System Mechanic

System Mechanic for years and I have bought time through April 2018. The version I'm currently using is 15.5. If I try to upgrade to version 16, I am expected to pay an additional $30. First of all, I can't remember ever having to pay for an upgrade as I am a paying customer. I work for a software company and all our upgrades come at no additional cost if you're a customer in good ...

Is there an app which can alert whenever PC is turned off?

Looking for a software which can send an alert whenever shut down is pressed on a remote PC connected to the internet.
Basically the alert can be of any kind, online on a website or an android app.
The application should send the alert quickly before the actual shutdown.
Hoping it can be a background application.

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References: ... urned-off/ ...

software that allows me to send a text to multipl

Is there a software that allows me to send a text to multiple contacts without sending it as a "group message"
I need to send the same text to 400 different numbers, is there a better way to do it other than texting each number individually? I would like a software that can connect with my phone number and send the texts from my PC.
Any help on this problem would definitely be appreciated. Thanks ...

Poll: Next Class to Level? Lock, Warrior or Rogue

In quest to level all classes to 85 I have only 3 remaining and wanted to do a quick poll to seewhich I should work on next.
Any of these classes will be mainly for dps so that should put them all on equal footing.
Looking forward to your responses!
Feel free to elaborate on why you chose what you did!

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