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Digital scrapbook

Hi I´m Catarina from Portugal. I´m having serious problems to find out a digital software for scrapbooking. Does anyone know any digital scrapbooking programme? I want to offer a digital album.. Can anyone help me???
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Today the following problem occurred.
Although my project is flawless, when I try to export it (png format) a black line appears at each page but at different parts.
I also tried to export it in jpg format, and it is the same.
Please note that I am using different papers, embellishments etc for each page so I don't think there is a problem with the elements used.
I'm very pressed because I have a ...
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my program is no longer working

When ever I click on my shortcuts, (desk and start menu) to get into my program I get the following or similar message,
( I have tried to attach a jpeg file with screen capture but it won't let me) so I have tried to type it as it shows on the message box X (in red) CheckSynchronize called from thread $15B8 which is not the main thread.

do I need to download/install my program ...
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Resize for email

I was wondering if anyone knows how I can resize a layout or an album so I can send through as an email attachment. I have tried to do it but says file is to large. And dont seem to be able to get it to go through. Gratefull if someone can help with this problem. :?
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Creating quick pages for future use

I have recently downloaded the trial version of Studio Scrap 4 and I'm new at scrapbooking.
My question is:
I want to create a Quick Page in PNG format for later use.
That is, I want to make the frame where the photo is supposed to be placed transparent (even cutting through the background).
Is it possible and if yes, how?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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studio scrap download

For instance if you install the same license on 2 PCs for a single user you'll need an only one serial number but 2 separate activation codes.
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version3 or 4

I have just discovered studio scrap and would like to know what is the difference between studio scrap 3 and 4
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problem opening existing files

I have the studio scrap 2 version. I am trying to open an existing file that I created a year ago so that I can make some changes to it. When I try to open the file an error box appears and it says: error reading file...the file is not valid! I have dowloaded an update and it still will not open. Can someone please tell me what to do so that I don't have ...
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downloading from Digital-Scrap

I have bought the Studio-scrap 4. When I buy kits from Digital-scrap and downloads them, is it possible to save them in the studio-scrap 4 program...? If it is then how do I do this...?
Cheers Linda
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exporting a slide show exporting a slide show

Hi I've created a slide show that I would like to e-mail to friends but can't seem to find the actual file to copy. Are the slideshows hidden files ?
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