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Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Jersey

Postby chenyan94 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:39 am

This is part three of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes. Part one: something good and something bad here Travis Kelce Jersey , part two: something smart and something special here.I’m a terrible golfer. My handicap is my birth year. I can never direct the ball where I want it to go, and getting the ball up in the air is a coin flip. I still enjoy playing from time to time, but if you’re trying to win a scramble, I’m dead weight.The world’s best golfers can’t rely just on the ability to drive or be a good putter. You’ve got to play a well-rounded game. You have to be able to place the ball where you want it, sometimes with distance, keep yourself out of as many bad situations as you can, get out of them when you do, and oh yeah...have enough touch to putt. If Patrick Mahomes was a golfer, he could drive a golf ball farther than anyone. But the subtleties to his game he reveals every week are what will eventually have him at the top of the leaderboard. This week wasn’t requiring him to pull out the 1-wood as much as other weeks, but he got a chance to show how well rounded the rest of his game is starting to become.Something improvedIt felt like the game slowed down a little for him this week. Quickly finding the right play is an ability. Mahomes showed comfort in the pocket, good navigation of the pocket and quick decision-making in the face of pressure when required. Where Mahomes has been having to manage the juice at the start of games, he settled in quickly this week. He looked like he was playing with supreme confidence and poise all game. It’s revealed in the three plays above.Play one: Mahomes is working through the front-side concept. He feels pressure both to his front and back, steps up in the pocket and has the awareness to know the drag route by Kareem Hunt is working into his line of sight. It was such a quick response to pressure and to find the outlet. He couldn’t have responded just by seeing. He was processing the play as it was happening.Play two: Feeling pressure on the drop, knowing he needs to bail backward and delivering a ball quick to his outlet who finishes for a touchdown. It’s an athletic throw to deliver that ball and a smart, poised decision with a rusher at his feet. Play three: Not having anyone open on the vertical routes and getting the ball down to Hunt in the flat quickly and decisively. He’s early to the flat route by Hunt, but in a good way. He wastes no time seeing the depth of the defense to get the ball to the running back with space to run. Check-downs and shorter throws got a bad rap when we see them too much. In proper context, they go a long way in winning football games. A good short game when properly utilized wins. Mahomes is picking the right clubs with consistency.These weren’t the rarest of plays he’s made, and none of these will be on the highlight reel at the end of the year. They’re just indicators of comfort, control , command and an understanding of all facets of the game happening in front of him. He looked as prepared and quick to process as he has. The timing to get the ball to his outlets was perfect and it yielded great results.It was the most veteran-like performance for the young quarterback, and the subtleties should leave you encouraged. There was no urge to make everything happen at all at once. He was fantastic in allowing the game to happen and leaning on his preparation. He continues to develop right before our eyes, and it’s happening week to week.Needs improvementThere’s been one kind of throw that we’ve yet to see Mahomes hit yet, and it’s kind of amazing he hasn’t.This is a cut of plays where the receiver is streaking down the middle of the field and there’s no defender between the receiver and the end zone. These plays resulted in four incompletions and an interception. I can’t recall one being hit in the first seven games.These are not the easiest throws and this is admittedly a narrow scenario that’s happening about once a game, but we’re starting to get enough of a sample size to notice it. For some reason, Mahomes has shown inconsistencies on middle-field throws that are thrown over the entire defense. Plays in which the receiver (almost always Tyreek Hill) are in position to or already have run away from everyone on the defense, we’ve yet to see Mahomes connect.Now don’t get me wrong, he’s hit his fair share of deep passes, but if you notice, they’ve hit in front of a defender. This play I wrote about yesterday might’ve ended up being the first one Mahomes lets Sammy Watkins run underneath, but Carlos Dunlap has other plans and forces the ball short.When there’s a middle-field throw, typically a post route, and Mahomes has a chance to let his receiver run under it, we haven’t seen the connection work nearly halfway through the season. It’s interesting. Mahomes provided a quote after the game on what was his only interception against the Bengals.It sounds like he may just trying to understand still how far he can stretch the arm out on these kinds of alerts or shot plays. There are a few instances in the above cut-up of vertical shots where Mahomes has under-thrown the receiver and diminished the separation the receiver was creating. It’s kind of confusing. We KNOW he’s capable of throws similar to this......he just hasn’t hit them in a real game. Whether he’s struggling to gauge how far to leave it out for (specifically) Hill, or the timing is just off, it’s surprisingly not something that he’s executed to count for his yardage totals. He’ll hit one of these assuredly soon, but it’s worth mentioning there are at least five plays where he hasn’t.He’s been good on throws to receivers open down the sidelines, but middle-field shots haven’t been part of the regular-season highlight real yet. You would’ve expected him to have hit on a couple by now.Hopefully, this week is when we finally get a play of this nature.Miss this week’s episode of the AP Laboratory? If you can’t see the player Allen Bailey Color Rush Jersey , click here.Links: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Art 19Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss videos like this from Kent! Last week, we talked about the difficulty in calling the top of the market. This week, many outside of Kansas City will wonder if the Kansas City Chiefs have plateaued. They ran into the market leader — showing they are legitimate competition — but weren’t quite able to get over the hump.Still, the team left with a great deal of confidence and resolve. STOCK UPSafety Jordan Lucas: Lucas made his Chiefs debut last week, when he stepped in for the 17 (or so) safeties that were injured, and had an impressive interception and 49-yard return. This week, he nearly picked off Brady. But it’s his steady play overall (in 100 percent of the defensive snaps this week) that has endeared him to Chiefs fans. Lucas has at least earned an extended look when guys like Eric Murray and Eric Berry return to the field. Perhaps he can be part of the solution to one the defense’s biggest problems. As the AP Nerd squad says... all aboard!Linebacker Breeland Speaks: After last week, I didn’t believe it. This week, with a dramatically increased role, Speaks showed consistent disruption and a high motor. His sack/fumble was a pivotal play for a Chiefs defense that badly needed one as part of their furious third-quarter comeback.If only he could have held on for that second sack later on! But perhaps that will be added motivation for the rookie. Speaks is getting better each week. Even if he never becomes an elite edge rusher, he can help this team win if he keeps trending in this direction.Kick returner Tremon Smith: A tip of the hat to Chiefs twitter, as more than one person pointed out during the game that Smith was getting closer to breaking a big kick return. Soon thereafter, he did just that. Filling in for an injured De’Anthony Thomas, the rookie totaled 180 yards on his four kick returns. He’s yet to make an impact on defense, but if he keeps breaking off kick returns, he’ll more than earn his keep.Special teams coordinator Dave Toub: Speaking of Tremon, he’s just one part of a Chiefs special teams unit that has been — according to Football Outsiders —historically good this year. When a special teams unit has a kicker that hasn’t missed all season, kick returners who consistently help win the field position battle, and the unit doesn’t miss a beat through injuries and roster turnover Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Jersey , you know the coach is doing something right.The offensive line: Part of it is the quarterback. As many of us anticipated, Patrick Mahomes has displayed an awareness and elusiveness that helps him avoid getting sacked. But you still have to respect the way the offensive line has played — especially against New England. No sacks allowed, eight yards per carry for Kareem Hunt and 40 points in Foxboro is a good night’s work — especially considering they were down two starters by the end of the game. The big uglies up front didn’t miss a beat with Jordan Devey and Andrew Wylie. This week, they’ll welcome back an old friend to help hold down the fort, and allow the kid to keep running around and making plays.Running back Kareem Hunt: At some point, the Patriots will stop Hunt from breaking off big plays — but it hasn’t happened yet.Others trending in a bullish direction: Harrison Butker, Patrick Mahomes, Chris Jones, Derrick Nnadi, Allen Bailey, Tyreek HillSTOCK DOWN Photo by David Eulitt/Getty ImagesThe run defense: There was a ton of attention paid to stopping the run this offseason. It appears the defensive linemen are doing their part. So what is the issue? Sure, Eric Berry would help erase a lot of mistakes, and make plays like a missile in the run game. But the others in the middle of the Chiefs defense seem as incapable of getting off blocks as they are at tackling. I still believe there is talent to at least be competent against the run, but the fundamentals must improve.All of the inside linebackers: Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach specifically targeted and invested in Anthony Hitchens, just like he did with Reggie Ragland the year before. So far, neither of the starting inside linebackers look right. They appear hesitant and (at least) a step slow. Neither was expected to be excellent in coverage, but both were known to be sure tacklers and big hitters.Unfortunately. the missed tackles have been more frequent than the highlights. Opponents have found great success when targeting the middle of the Chiefs defense. What should have been the most reliably upgraded position group on the team now appears to be the biggest weakness. Something has to change — perhaps giving snaps to Dorian O’Daniel and/or Ben Niemann? Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton: So, if the run defense isn’t good, the team isn’t getting off blocks or tackling , and the defensive back just signed off the street was expected to keep Gronk from winning the game this week... well, it’s fair to question the man in charge of the defense. Not all of the Chiefs struggles on defense are Bob Sutton’s fault, but adjustments have to be made, and he is responsible for putting the players in positions where they can succeed— that is, to do what they are capable of doing. As my friends vented post-game, we’re still bearish on the coordinator until further notice. Running back Spencer Ware: Ware is doing his part in pass protection, but he isn’t really making plays in the limited number of touches he sees. I noted that Damien Williams hasn’t been productive in previous weeks, and this week it was Spencer Ware. Perhaps either would be more effective with more volume? Kareem Hunt is still the guy in Kansas City, but he’ll need some more help from his friends at some point this season. Others trending a bearish direction: Ron Parker, Terrance Smith, Josh ShawSTOCK FLAT Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY SportsWide receiver Sammy Watkins: As talented as Watkins is, he still isn’t getting consistent targets. Perhaps we should expect him to have a big game every three or four weeks, while Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce take turns on the others. Or it might just be that he’s building a successful career out of being a decoy — a very highly paid one at that. Center Mitch Morse: The Chiefs center has been among the best offensive linemen on the team from the day he was drafted. Unfortunately for Morse and the Chiefs, he’s battled injuries throughout his career. Now with his third concussion (that we know of), Morse will miss more time in a contract year.Others who are who we thought they were: Kendall Fuller, Anthony Sherman, Travis Kelce
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