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Vital Max Keto Overfeeding, especially in the US, where two-thirds of all adults are overweight, according to national health statistics, is now a serious problem in Europe as well. In America, this translates into $ 78.5 trillion in health costs annually and $ 70 million in Citizens try to reduce their weight. Of the many methods that sufferers try, especially those with calorie or scorecards have spread. In institutions like Weight Watchers, every food item is rated with a certain number of points. Members are advised not to exceed a set number of points in total food intake one day. A limit requires strong will and the correct classification of the food in several studies; the authors analyzed the intake of sweets to people who had certain limits when eating and others who ate without conscious restriction. They came to different conclusions: first, the mental limit alone was never enough. The participants also had to set the declared goal of not eating sweets in order to achieve lasting success. Furthermore, they had to be able to obtain the necessary information on the nutritional values or scores unproblematic ally in order to properly classify the desserts into their scale. Thirdly, the limits imposed were only practicable if the subjects followed exact numerical guidelines (such as the Weight Watchers scorecard), which did not allow cheating. All those who want to resist the tempting desserts, give the authors a few simple tips based on these findings. First of all, it is important to set a limit at all so as not to lose sight of the goal in the worst case scenario. But then it is crucial to make sure that the limit really acts as a limit and not as a justification for consumption in the usual pattern. The latter requires a healthy dose of self-discipline and the strong will to achieve the intended goal. It is generally believed that obesity dramatically increases the risk of disease and reduces life expectancy. A recent data collection, which was published in Detaches Ärzteblatt, but this thesis shakes. Dr. Matthias Lenz from the University of Hamburg and his colleagues used a selection of 42 data collections to analyze the relationships between body mass indexes (BMI); Risk of death and susceptibility to certain diseases and came to surprising results: Overall, they found in obese people with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 no increased mortality rate. However, obesity, which is a pronounced obesity that is assumed to be between 30 and 30, has been shown to increase the risk of death by about 20%, but it has become less pronounced with increasing age.
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