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Rapid Tone Diet Therefore, when choosing a method to lose weight that is appropriate, it is essential that, in advance, we inform ourselves in a convenient manner of the pros and cons of it. Once we have decided to start a diet to lose weight, we must bear in mind that the number that appears on the scale must be in the background. By this we mean that what is really important is the adoption of healthy habits that can be maintained over time. This is the best way to avoid the "rebound effect”, that is, the recovery of lost kilos. How much weight can I lose in a month? Good question. According to experts from the world of food, it has been determined that the proper rate of weight loss is between 0.5-1kg / week or what is the same, 2-4 kg / month. This figure may vary depending on the anthropometric and individual characteristics of each person. Any diet to lose weight that promises to lose more than this range, we should put it in quarantine until we ensure that it is a healthy diet, effective and that does not cause the dreaded rebound effect. What tips should I take into account to lose weight in a healthy way? There are many recommendations that we can introduce in our habitual diet to achieve healthy weight loss: eat vegetables Includes fruits and vegetables every day: As part of a healthy diet, it is recommended that you consume about 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. In the case that you do not like vegetables, it is advisable to prepare purees or creams in which the chosen vegetable is combined with a protein food (for example: chicken, fish or skimmed cheeses), thus changing its flavor and may result more appetizing Control the quantities to consume : When serving, there are tricks that help: use small plates (full to see that there is food) and leave the bread and the source with the preparation prepared in the kitchen, to avoid the temptation to repeat. Take the time necessary to eat: It is important that, when making the intakes, do not "devour" the food, you should eat slowly. Chew food well, as this will facilitate their digestion and absorption of the nutrients they contain.
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